Occupy Consortium


Occupied Stories

I recently came across Occupied Stories, a group that collects firsthand accounts of actions and events from Occupiers.  I got in touch with them about collaborating on gathering stories from Occupy Chicago that we can archive physically and digitally for our library.  Especially with the Chicago Spring and NATO/G8 protests on the horizon, I want to document as much as we can.  At last night’s GA, I put out a call for submissions, and I’m going to be promoting it via social media and our blog.

They were very receptive to working with us and excited about the possibilities.  I definitely recommend checking the site out and getting in touch if your library is interested in similarly collaborating with them.


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Online Resources

I have been assembling a way array of links to free online resources that are of particular relevance to the OWS movement and our issues. I have been amazed to discover how many open source books and films are out there, from Google Books and Project Gutenberg to some university presses and libraries. Well over half of our Occupy the Tri Peoples Library consists of these free resources. For the last few days, for instance, I have been browsing through http://oapen.org, an open source site for European scholarship with many titles on subjects including globalization, feminism, Islam, social programs, etc.

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